Using lighted-water-fountains as decoration pieces.

To enjoy lighted-water-fountains in the evenings or in dim light your water feature will need some under water lighting. This really improves a water feature. The lighting adds another dimension, and a different kind of stimulation for the senses.

Any professional will tell you that landscape lighting is a must for night and evening time atmosphere, especially around patios and water features. Lighting lengthens the time of the day when you can enjoy the elements and atmospheres you have created with landscaping and water features.

under water lights

wall mounted fountain with light

A lighted wall fountain is a unique decoration, because the light filtered through the water has a different hue and reflects with shimmers. Not only do you have the actual fountain structure, but also the dancing shimmers of light on the surroundings. The light shows the uneven surface of the stone on the wall fountain, and makes the passing water appear alive.

Water is life in many ways and this is just another. The random lighting and random flows of a water feature, mimic life in general. Nothing in life is for sure, or exact, just like a water feature- random.
under water lights

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