Good landscaping-planning will combine great ideas with functionality for your yard.

Make sure you get the landscaping-planning right and allow enough space for all the elements in your landscape concept.

A good landscape design will have an overall concept such as

"southwest landscaping".

southwest style landscaping

Make sure the landscape style compliments the home with the right look. I can help you with this by creating an

specific to your wants and needs, so contact me and lets get started creating your design today.

This style compliments the home well. The boulders that match the stone colors used on the home, are set in rock mulch of a lighter color, to provide contrast. Makes the boulders jump out huh? It's this sort of thing that creates emotion with the landscaping. The plants used are desert varieties that compliment the Southwest Style of landscaping, desert landscaping and can handle the extreme temperatures of the environment.
design ideas

landscape design drawing

The yard shown in this landscape design will have large areas of lawn with borders and flower gardens in the large planters. These planters are close to the home, but they provide plenty of space for the plants to mature.

over grown borders

If enough space is not given for the plants to mature then later on it becomes difficult to mow and edge the grass at the edge of the planter,or walk past the planter because the plants are overhanging the border.

terraces created by retaining a slope

If your project has a slope to deal with you will need to address the retention walls first. You will likely spend more money to deal with this but the final product will be cleaner and under control.

diamond wall retention

Drainage is a huge concern in planning a landscape design . Proper drainage can prevent flooding, and ensure that plants are not trying to grow in saturated soil conditions. Bottom line is you need to know where the water will go in a heavy down pour.

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