Simplify the lawn maintenance with landscaping-borders

Use walkways or a mow strip to create landscaping-borders and add a completed clean look to your yard. Concrete curbing is the most common type of border in this area of the country, but other types of products are also used to define areas of a landscape. Steel edging or plastic edging can be used, or I have even installed redwood 2 x 4 boards to serve this purpose.

A good landscape border will make maintaining the yard easy. As you know, if it is easy to do the edging and mowing , then the edging and mowing will be more likely to get done. Alternatively , if edging and mowing are a pain in the rear and it looks terrible after you complete the work, then you or the person doing the work will feel like they are wasting their time and it all goes down hill from there.

Mow curb border


Have you ever had to mow the grass right next to a fence. Even better, have you had to edge the grass there. well here is a good solution to that problem. Easy to edge, easy to mow, and easy on the eyes. Wide border next to a fence . Problem solved.

Edge of the Patio

Borders can also be created using pave stone pavers and other blocks specially designed as edging.

Here blocks of the same color were used in a soldier course on the edges while a mix of colors was used in the general pattern.

Driveway Borders

Above we took a yard that used to be nothing but all gravel and sectioned it off into landscaping and driveway.

We used a mow curb that is 7" tall for stability should a car happen to hit it. Notice how clean lines can simplify the look of a landscape.

Pavestone Walkway

Here a Pavestone walkway was used as the edge of the planter on one side and the edge of the lawn on the other. Additionally it serves as the walkway access.


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