Learn how-to-build-a-fence that works for you.

Before you learn how-to-build-a-fence into your landscape design you need to choose what type of fence you will be building. There are many different kinds of fences, and additionally many different uses for a fence. Maybe the fence in your design will be retaining the neighbors dirt on the property line as well providing privacy and keeping the dogs out of your yard. So consider where, why, and what job, the fence will be used for.

trash can fence

In this picture I designed and built a wall for two reasons. First I wanted to hide the garbage cans from view for curb appeal, and second, I don't like being seen taking out the trash so I made the wall tall enough for privacy. Additionaly the fence locates the trash cans near the front of the home, making the trip to the curb on trash day a short one.
wrought iron fence

Another type of semi-privacy fence is the wrought iron fence. There are really some awsome designs available for wrought iron gates too. The custom design here is nice, Putting a look of vines and leaves incorporated into the fence is artistic and attractive. If your considering this type of fence though get ready to spend extra money, steel isn't cheap these days, and this type of art work goes for a premium.

raised planter and privacy wall

This design was created to provide an 8' privacy wall on the other side of this wall. Since that is an extra tall wall I put a planter in front of it to soften the height and add some plant life.

private courtyard wall
vynal fence

A good fence will look good, do the job you desire, and be low maintenance. Vinal fencing is very popular because it looks clean and demands no maintenance. It also comes in several colors and hundreds of styles, designs, and combinations. Most of the products available today are U.V. resistant and have 15 to 20 year warranties on the product.

garden fence

Here is a fence around the garden patio. It serves as a border and also keeps the dog out. If you wonder how-to-build-a-fence that keeps cats out don't ask me I'm still working on that one.

painted pre cast concrete fence

concrete fencing

Another type of fence that is up and coming is the pre-cast concrete fence. You can choose which pattern is poured into the panels. The cobble look is quite prevalent and also the brick pattern seems to be quite popular. Additionally for about $2 more per foot the fence can be painted. For a little more than that, you can get different colors painted on each stone in the pattern. The question though will be how-to-build-a-fence that you can afford.
Ugly precast concrete fence

You can see that there is a difference of painting styles available. This one isn't as attractive as the style above. But they both do the same job, and of course money is always an issue in any project. This fencing was approximatly $48 dollars per foot installed. That price was before any paint.

courtyard fence

This courtyard fence creates an entirely separate area in the front entry. A pavestone patio has been added for interest and the plantings in the courtyard add to the atmosphere. Semi private fences are see through or short in height, yet designate a boundary such as a court yard or back yard. These can accent your landscaping nicely also. Lets say you live on the edge of a golf course and you don't want the balls rolling up into your yard or better yet you don't want every swinging fool walking into your yard. Now if that's the case you probably don't really want a fence because you enjoy the large wide open areas of green grass. Think about how-to-build-a-fence in the landscape that is 18" or 24" tall, a retention wall or even a free standing wall. You would still maintain your view while marking the property line, keeping the rolling balls out and prevent people in general from just walking into your yard to play through. You may think of these types of fences more like a landscape border on the property line.


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