Incorporate a stone-bridge into your waterfeature and patio design.

stone bridge

The stone-bridge shown here is a bridge across the water feature stream. It connects two areas of pavestone patio together. When standing on the bridge a person can have a complete different perspective than if there wasn't a bridge at all. A stone bridge is a natural alternative to say a redwood arched bridge. If you use a stone bridge there is absolutely no maintenance. On the other hand the redwood bridge needs to be sealed every year. Now I'm not saying that the redwood bridge is a bad choice, everyone has their own taste, but the rock bridge is the simplest way to solve the need for a bridge

arched redwood bridge

water features
Here are some examples of a path that cuts across the natural flowing creek. Now and then the paths cross, so we used thick rock slabs to not only bridge the creek, but also as a stone step up at the same time
stairs made of stone

stone bridge over creek

bridge that is also a step

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