Some patio-ideas for entertaining

Creative patio-ideas, create a private atmosphere where you may enjoy the sound of water, smell the gentle fragrances offered up by flowers, and see the ornamentals moving with the breeze. This is a place to experience mother nature completely and let these influences relax you.

Patios help to create outdoor living space. With such a huge focus on outdoor living, outdoor kitchens and outdoor entertainment in our lives, consider planning a patio area into your yard design. Sometimes even just a small patio in a courtyard is enough to create the space you need to enjoy the outdoors.

patios paths and ponds

This backyard patio area is incorporated with pathways that cross the water feature via stone bridges to other smaller patios and has a variety of small patios along the edge of the path for the display of flower pots and up close enjoyment of the creek portion of the water feature. The landscaping is all new except for the mature trees. It's the canopy that the trees create that gives this backyard landscape the private secluded feeling. Whenever mature trees are available always try to utilize them.


cozy patio idea

This fireplace patio really maximizes the small space that was available. At first I didn't think we could fit all this stuff into the tiny area, but by putting everything down on paper and measuring all the elements we decided it could work. The end result is a small space with great patio-ideas where you still have 3 or 4 foot wide walkway spaces between the chairs and the fireplace . The patio is also about 4 foot wide between the house and water feature,where it comes around the corner of the home. Other than initial planning, the only thing special we had to do to fit all this stuff in here was to put the vault for the Water Feature under the patio. Bet you would have never known if I didn't tell you.

fire place in a small yard

Landscaping Small Yards

patio with outdoor fireplace

This pavestone patio with a Fireplace on one edge brings the living area outside. This outdoor fireplace structure is constructed of cinder blocks and it is solid grouted. then a coat of stucco is added as a finish. The synthetic stucco is elastomeric stuff so it doesn't crack or crumble when youngsters crawl all over it. A flagstone cap is used as a mantle and also in the fireplace tiles around the opening for decoration.

fireplace trim stone

This outdoor fireplace has a pondless water feature that wraps around from the back to the left side. The water feature flows between the fire feature and the sitting patio, and ends at the edge of the patio. To do this the vault for the creek style water feature is under the patio.

outdoor kitchen and round table top with umbrella

To the right of the fireplace is an outdoor kitchen, with a circular table top. The counter top is made of the flagstone as the mantle on the fireplace. The brick paver patio connects all of the landscape features here. It extends to the back door and also around the house to the front gate. This backyard landscape really flows nicely.

great patio ideas

redwood patio with wrap around steps

20 or 30 guests is not a problem because these redwood steps also double as a bench, a really big bench. Maybe you'll need patio-ideas that can accomodate large crowds. I think they had church gatherings in mind when they suggested this deck. This one wasn't my idea or the upper deck would be a Patio Pergola or Awning . but, we changed the sidewalk to fit the area and re landscaped the rest of the yard. This deck and retrofit landscaping make a huge improvement to these guys back yard. I wish I had a before picture on this one it was a disaster. Nice and simple now though.

real brick walkway and side patio

The real brick walk and patio tie the brick on the home to the yard. It adds a nice pattern texture to the walkway. The uneven surface and rustic patio-ideas and earthy design, fits the natural landscape theme. You might guess I tried to talk these guys into doing this out of pavers, but they already new what they wanted. They had left over brick from building the house so, we did it out of brick.

brick patio design

Brick Patio page

stone patio design

Flagstone Patios

pavestone patio by the pool


The brick paver texture and color combinations create a relaxing feel for sitting next to the pool.Spacious patio-ideas that are a little more complex, will include planters and different elevations. This spacious outdoor area is ready to entertain many friends.
back yard patios

outdoor patio lighting

Koi Ponds sloping front yard with rocks


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