The use of a brick-patio-design for a sophisticated looking landscape

The visual of criss cross lines created with a brick-patio-design fits easily into a landscape and at the same time stands alone as a hardscape feature that is functional. Some are refined and exact while others like the design featured here have irregular and unique colors and shapes.

A backyard patio design with a beautiful pattern is also the border between the grass on one side and a waterfall on the other. This is a perfect example of how to build a brick patio that separates ideas and at the same time combines them and allows ease of access through the yard. The s imple curving shapes of this patio/walkway are relaxing and entirely functional.

A little different perspective of this patio design. It's actually a walk way from the house to the back gate access. They used to have to walk across the grass in order to access the back gate.

Building a brick sidewalk that has small patios built into the walkway is a unique idea that adds more interest and intrigue to the scenery.

small retention wall with a brick finish


We even created a small brick retention wall that matches the design to handle some other problems. You can see the footing in the wall behind has a big step and we had to step the landscaping too. But I didn't want all the water to just run to the low point, unchecked,and flood the walkway at the gate , so we built the retention wall that curves into the slope and then sloped the grade from the walk toward the base of the retention. At the low point we installed a drain which sends the runoff to a different location in the middle of the lawn.

Now when the sprinklers run off or it rains really hard there isn't a puddle of water standing at the gate or on the patio. It's a good solution and the little wall doesn't look half bad. I think I could have been a brick mason if I had wanted to.

shady patio area
wood pergola with flowers
palm trees
flag stone & flowers
Patio in Backyard


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