Relax to the sound of water with stone-indoor-water-fountains

Relaxing sounds from stone-indoor-water-fountains take the environment in your home to another level, and add a specific feel to the surroundings. Your indoor water feature will be a conversation piece and will set the pace for your interior design. The cool sounds it makes will generate thought.

Named the Antwerp wall fountain. This is like a piece of artwork. It is self contained and even looks like it's framed like a picture. The surface that the water runs on is a rough texture for more sound and shimmer.

The sound generated reminds me of a therapists waiting room. A small fountain generated a subtle sound which was relaxing and thought generating. It prepares the mind for conversation and helps people to be leave the outside world behind and look inward to solve any problems that may exist.

This fountain has its own light to create ambiance. It also serves as a sort of night light when all the other lights are off. That trickle noise can be quite relaxing whether your sleeping or awake. It sets a calming median of noise. I have noticed that with this calming median, any conversations within earshot, will be low in volume and calm. Once again a fountain to calm the indoor atmosphere of your home.

Lighted indoor water fountain

These also work well in a courtyard atmosphere. A courtyard mixes indoors with outdoors and combines the comforts. A subtle trickle sound in an area like this adds so much to the atmosphere.

One contractor I have worked for here in St George, Ut. likes to incorporate a fireplace fireplace into a courtyard also. This adds even another element for the senses. The senses are stimulated by the sight of the fire and the sound of the water. Combine that with the comfortable feeling of security a courtyard gives and you will feel right at home.
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