To bring wildlife, simply build-a-fish-pond

That's right,if you build-a-fish-pond they will come. Birds, squirels, and other wildlife will be attracted by the water. The water brings life to the landscape. The sound the waterfall makes, will relax you and complete the look of the landscape.

If done correctly the water in these pond systems stays very clear. Think of this water feature as its own little ecosystem. To minimize the work you will need to learn about the pond ecosystem and how it works. In a nutshell, an abundance of plants and fish is the key to a clear pond.

The fish and the plants work together to filter the water. The plants and algae filter the water, fish eat the algae for food, and the cycle is completed when the fish fertilize the plants and algae with their poop. The growth of the algae is promoted by the natural fertilizer left behind by the fish and the end result is clear oderless water.

koi pond picture

In the photo above we have a pavestone path that meanders past the secluded koi pond. This was a renovation, so we were able to take advantage of the mature trees. Having some mature plants and trees really gives this backyard depth and contrast. We can enjoy the mature look now because of the grown trees. An abundance of plants also makes a water feature look natural. Because, near the water, is where the plant life is located in the real world.

water fall and koi pond

My biggest concern when we first started installing these water features, was bugs and mosquitos. The water is always moving because the pump is always on. For this reason no mosquitos can hatch. They must have calm water to propagate.

pond construction

In the new pond picture above you can see that we have already planted several pond water plants, they are installed in the very begining. It's best to use a wide variety of species, since some grow faster than others.

The finished photo below shows the pavestone patio we added later. If you have a feature like this you should plan on having some sort of patio or lawn space, in near proximity to enjoy the waterscape that you create.

The water garden plants are a good portion of the beauty when you build-a-fish-pond. In addition to the sound of the water, and the life and activity the fish bring to a waterscape, the plants add green foilage and a variety of textures, flowers and contrast to the stark rocks and water. They also fill in the gaps so the feature is more natural.

the finish product

under water lights flowers on the patio table with umbrela cast iron furniture Natural Stone Wall Fountain lighted wall fountain indoor pot fountain


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