Create the complete atmosphere with hot-tub-landscaping

So many times people just don't think of hot-tub-landscaping. The hot tub usually is a big ticket item that you purchase after you move in and landscape your home. consequently the hot tub is often placed on a pad or deck with no landscape surroundings. I suggest that even if you won't be buying the tub for a couple years, provide a spot in the landscape with surroundings and power.

Normally people place their hot tub on a slab of concrete, under the deck, or back in a dark corner of their yard. I have a better idea. Put your hot tub out in the open and surround it with landscaping. Of course your still gonna try to screen out the neighbors but do that a distance away from the jacuzzi. You will create a larger private area by doing it this way

When landscaping around a hot tub you can make a semi-private setting with trees and shrubbery while still maintaining a view from in the jacuzzi. Most of the time a jacuzzi landscaping is situated next to a pool. It's the action spot in the landscape. By concentrating the heavy bush plantings and trees closer to the property lines you are creating a large private area.

I've always wanted to design one in the center of a yard next to a pool and build a huge mound next to the spa. I would put a natural creek fountain running down that mound and into the pond. Cover the mound with palms and other trees and bushes that are fairly clean for maintenance purposes , and you've got paradise. Nothing would be nicer than sitting in the jacuzzi and listening to the creek water feature and looking out at the water garden.

water feature around the hot tub

When you create hot-tub-landscaping you should consider two things. First of all, try to soften the look of the tub with plants and greenery. Then, create a visual scene from the perspective of inside the tub. Probably the most important is what you look at from the jacuzzie. In the example shown above the homeowner looks over the koi pond to see the 16th hole of the golf course. Beautiful green grass in the distance and a crystal clear koi pond up close.
Here are a couple angles of the hot-tub-landscaping. These photos are taken a couple of years after the initial completion of the project. The video was taken the day after we finished construction.

hot tub landscaping

This video was taken in the fall two years ago right after we finished the work. Notice how small all the plants and water plants were. .

koi pond brick patio pave stone patio and fountains slope landscaping landscape borders

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