Private courtyard-landscaping ideas and suggestions

I love to incorporate a courtyard-landscaping whenever it fits the look of a home. A courtyard creates an area to enjoy privacy and special plantings and displays. Because of this protected area delicate flowers and landscape bushes may be used. This creates an area with more beautiful surroundings and softer finishes.

A Brick Pavestone patio or even a flagstone patio will look good here. You may expect to find a hanging water feature somewhere near the entry to the home or a weeping wall on one edge of this space.

I have installed courtyards of many shapes and sizes but this one below is my favorite, because it incorporates so much stimulus for the senses.


A courtyard creates a feeling of privacy or semi-privacy depending on the configuration. The use of a wrought iron gate , can even further create privacy, and security, and establish borders for visitors. Think about it. If the gate to the courtyard is closed and an unwelcome visitor shows up, you have the ability to talk to them and see them , and yet still have control of their ability to enter your home. If you want guests to feel welcome, just open the gate. But know that they subconciously are aware that you could shut them out if you wanted to.

I have created a step by step of this project to show how we created it. One of the best small front yards I have seen. These folks can sit under the eves of the front porch comfortably and enjoy the surroundings and their own private weeping wall water feature with out being seen by passers by. The pave stone patio extends all the way to the front door and there is a beautiful stone step at the entrance to the front door. The colors of the pavestone mix add excitement to the exterior decorations. They also have an iron gate to control visitors and keep the dog in.

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