A sunken-trampoline is every kids dream

Buried Trampoline

Every kid would love a sunken-trampoline in their back yard, and maybe you should consider this. We are all worried our kids will get hurt when playing on one of these, so minimize the risk by having the trampoline buried to ground level.

This process is fairly easy to do and is also much more attractive too. No unsightly poles and bars to look at, just a nice trampoline surface that is level with the rest of the yard. And as long as you consider the

landscape drainage and use a burying technique that will last you should be happy with your buried trampoline.

Three Basic Options

  • 1. Masonry Retention
  • This is basicly a 30" tall retention wall made of cinder block which fits the shape of your trampoine. The walls are located just under the edge of the outer steel structure and springs of the trampoline so no one can smack down on that hard surface. Generally there is a pad on top of the springs to soften the blow if someone lands directly on the edge of the trampoline.

    I like this type of installation of a sunken-trampoline the best, and of course it is the most expensive way to go, about $2,200 dollars, installed . The bottom of this trampoline pit is generally level and lined with some gravel and where slopes permit, a drain should be placed in the bottom to get rid of extra water build up.

  • 2. Treated Lumber Retention
  • This is the most common way we do this job, because the cost is affordable, about $1,300 dollars installed and it will last for 10 years or so before the boards fail and break. By then most folks are sick of the trampoline and ready to fill in the hole anyway.

    Basically 2- 2x8 treated boards are screwed to the legs all the way around the trampoline, and the rest of the leg length is buried underground. I have found that you only need to retain the top 16" of soil, the rest can slope to the center and the trampoline will function just fine. You can only bottom out on a trampoline in the very center anyway.

    I place the top of the top board about 3" down from the springs which sets the trampoline frame a little above the lawn level and allows for ease of lawn maintenance and edging of the grass without destroying the spring cushion pad with the weed whipper string.

  • 3. Plastic Panel Retention
  • This product can be purchased at your local sprinkler supply warehouse for around $ 300 dollars and installed for around $1,000 . While these panels do work, I have noticed that they have a tendency to bow slightly and change the shape of the sunken-trampoline if the back fill is not installed evenly around the trampoline.

    At any rate , which ever method you choose, you will need to keep the location of the trampoline away from the low area in the yard so you don't create a swamp or a mud hole. I like to have the lawn area come close to the trampoline but locate the actual trampoline in a planter on the high side of the yard. I've seen what happens with a swampy trampoline and it aint pretty.


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