The sights and sounds of water using outdoor-garden-water-fountains

Adding the sights and sounds of water and outdoor-garden-water-fountains to your landscape completes your landscape. By installing a water feature of some sort you will add the relaxing sound of water falling or tumbling. This sound is random and that is why it relaxes us, but it's not all about the sound. The sights of the beautiful plant life in your water garden are the other half of the feature. Natural variation of plant life and species types adds variety to your landscape.

beautiful water garden landscaping

Koi fish pond

Koi Fish are used in some water features as part of the natural ecosystem that keeps the water clean and odor free. Water plants are also necessary elements in the water landscapes shown below. In these pictures you can see how beautiful water gardens can be.
Water Lilies

Water lilly plants are by far my favorite. They just say relaxation to me. How beautiful is this picture? little round saucers floating lightly on the surface of the water. Did you know that these plants flower?

flowering water plants water plants in a stream

It's nice to be able to come back a year or two later after we have finished these water features. The projects always look nice when they are first finished, but they look much better as the plant material grows.

Here is a pondless water feature installed in 2011. Notice the pond at the bottom. This drains dry into the vault when the fountain is off. Did you know that no algae will grow if water is out of the sunlight? This makes for very low maintenance.

real creek with boulders

At the end of the summer I'll add a photo of this one. It looks and sounds so awsome right now I can hardly wait till then.

video for picture below

small creek waterfeature under a pine tree

dianthis flowers solar pedestol fountain wall fountains stone wall fountain underwater lights angels fountain


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