Using colorful varieties in desert-landscaping-ideas

These unique desert-landscaping-ideas use a combination of flowering desert plants, cactus, and different aggregate size and colors of landscape rock and boulders to create a picturesque desert landscape. The desert plant varieties used need to be able to survive the extreme heat of the summer months and also the cold temperatures in winter, additionally they must be drought tolerant to survive weeks at a time with little or no water.

If you include lawn in a desert landscape or perhaps a stone structure, you get a more artistic and selective variation of landscaping I call southwest landscaping.

The green color of the grass creates a feel of lush desert. Of course it also uses more water to maintain the contrast, but that can be minimized simply by controlling the size of the lawn. Putting the right plant in the right place is the key.

desert landscape with lawn

A cactus garden can be beautiful also, if enough different colors, sizes and varieties are used. These use hardly any water and can have more intense color than traditional flower gardens do because of the stark contrast.

You wouldn't think that black rocks could be attractive but if you think of it as the backdrop or the canvas for the painting, it works well in showing off the life of the desert.


The use of boulders and landscaping gravel really adds to the contrast of desert landscaping to make it special. The crushed rock used to cover the ground provides a uniform ground cover color, and the use of large boulders gives a difference in size texture. Sometimes we use a mid sized rock for even more contrast.

Mixing in deciduous trees can give more variety to the landscape design, if that is what you are after, consider some Desert Trees.


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