Creating Beautiful Evening Atmosphere with outdoor-patio-lighting

With outdoor-patio-lighting a yard can look completely different at dusk or after dark. When the trees are lighted up, they send off an indirect light to everything else in the area. This indirect light isn't really bright but it is comfortable. This malibu lighting can focus your attention on things like flowers and blooms. It also can double as outdoor security lighting, because things are very much visible when these lights are on.

Typically called malibu outdoor lighting, these cable lighting fixtures come in all different sizes, shapes and colors. Some are intended to stand out and almost act as a landscape accent during the day.
ornamental light fixture
Others are designed to disappear or blend into in the landscape during the day.
subtle lighting fixture
Most are adjustable for directional focus. Some of these lights are strictly intended to light up pathways and patios. Mushroom light fixtures can be used to mark critical areas of a path such as a step, the end of a pathway or the bridge over a creek.

mushroom lights

ornamental solar light

Many people opt for solar lights simply because lighting became an afterthought. Solar lights are simple to install, just stick them where you want them. They are excellent for marking pathways, driveways and patios, but don't count on them for the really big jobs, like illuminating trees, you'll be disappointed.

Stick to the big boys for that, in fact, the bigger the better when your talking about lighting up a tree. Shown below are my palm trees illuminated by two 35 watt directional spot lights. It's good for now but later when the canopy is wider I'll have to upgrade to 100 watt lights for more effect.

palm trees with lighting
lighted fountain solar light water feature lighting


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