Use landscape-design-plans to organize ideas before construction

Having a set of landscape-design-plans before breaking ground on your landscape project, will insure that all elements of your landscape fit together nicely. With a little thought and planning you can start putting together ideas that include all of the elements of landscaping that you desire.

Start by creating a site plan, or a birds eye view of your property. Try to keep it to scale, graph paper works great for this. after showing property boundaries show the shape of the home and concrete areas as related to the property.

Design forCourtyard with pavestone walk

Be sure to identify entries and patio areas. more time will be spent here so special attention should be given to the landscape design in these areas. If you need help with your landscape-design-plan, I can help create an

for you. Just follow the link and we can get started today.

Courtyard design plan

Wrought Iron Gate Courtyard with pavestone walk

Finished courtyard

Consider any areas that will need to be fenced, with your landscape-design-plans and think about what kind of access you will need in those areas. Maybe you need to get the riding mower, or even a

pickup truck into the back yard . You'll want to get a gate that's wide enough, and make sure that the access surface can carry the weight of the whatever it is. Next think of the different hardscape elements you may desire such as, a garden, a kids play area, a water feature, or even a swimming pool. The rest of the landscaping will fill the gaps between these key elements of the yard.

Carolina Cherry Bush

When I'm designing a plant layout, I always start with the big stuff. Trees and large shrubs will not only add color to the landscape but they also will do other jobs in the yard.

The trees will create shade and depending on the positioning of the sun at the different times of the year, that shade will move around the yard. You'll want to think about where the sun will be hottest at your house and create some shade there. On the flip side, try not to block the winter sunshine. The south side of the home is no place for evergreen trees, in they will block the winter sunshine from warming the home.

Moderate size plants

I use large bushes to soften the big blank walls of a home and also as cornerstone plants. You'll need to know just how big these plants will get. Try to use a variety of plants, and your yard will be more interesting. Check with your local nursery for advice on plant varieties, and remember, if you want help creating an

contact me and I can help you with that.


After you decide where the big stuff goes,You'll look at the entries and access points and courtyards in the yard. These spots are where I use the delicate stuff that may need a little more extra care and protection from the harshness of the elements. I like to use boulders and yard art and wall fountains to create contrast and subtle sounds to these flowery areas . Depending on which style of landscaping you are going for, you could fill in the gaps between big and short plants with medium height stuff, even if it's a southwest design . The same principles apply to all styles of landscaping.
Landscape Boulders

Adding boulders to the landscape-design-plans gives another dimension to the mix because of the difference in textures used in the design. Landscaping with some

decorative boulders mixed in, in my book is much more attractive. You'll get the best results when the color of the boulders ties to the trim colors of the house.

Landscaping Boulders

You can color your sketch to help you see potential ordinary spots that could use some livening up. For flowering bushes and trees, color them the color of the blossoms that they produce.

By sketching out your ideas, you'll be able to get a better idea of the project you have ahead of yourself. Plus, you'll be able to price out the items that you'll need to complete the project.

How many projects get started and then only get completed half way because of lack of funding? Knowing how much money is necessary for the project, will ensure that you can finish it.

Try to determine exactly what you want, where it will go and how much it will cost, then there will be no surprises.

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