lighted-koi-ponds create great evening atmosphere.

As the sun goes down lighted-koi-ponds create a completely different atmosphere in the yard than when the sun is up. During the day, sunlight reflects off of the top of the water surface and makes it hard to see the fish and plant elements of the water feature.

Lighting from under the water using water proof, low voltage lighting, shines the light on these elements below the water line and the reverse is possible. Everything is visible clearly. Light radiates from the water to cast an indirect light onto the plant life and other landscape elements surrounding the pond.

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lighted koi pond

Here are the ponds with the lights on. The dull glow is enough to bring attention to any fish or under water rock features that may be present. At night the pond lighting eliminates the reflective shine of the top of the water, enabling you to see everything through the lighted water fountains . This pond lighting gives a depth to the visual aspect of the koi pond. It really brings the pond to life. It's a whole new perspective on the yard and the water feature.

Yes, lighting will create a whole new look after the sun goes down, and will also extend the time which you can enjoy your water feature investment, and think about it, the temperatures cool down during the evening too so you may be adding a couple of hours more per day that you could enjoy your investment.

The use of water proof under water lights to either light the whole pond or an individual water fall gives a more natural feel than using regular landscape lights. Where landscape lights cast light on a more broad area, water lights are more focused.

These connect to the lighting system like the others but the light bulb cavity is sealed with an O - Ring. The O - Ring makes it easy to replace burned out bulbs.
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