Decorating with yard-statues

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iron art dog

Decorating with yard-statues is something most people do. It adds personality and flair to your landscaping. This is my favorite dog his name is Spring. He always does what I tell him and he never runs away. He is always a good conversation starter and he never begs. Watch I can make him sit, sit boy, good dog. Some people use chicken statues others have actual scare crows.

bunny shaped artwork
This metal bunny cutout attached to a rock slab, adds just a little more natural feel to the fountain corner of the yard.

turtle key hider

This little statue doubles as a hide-a-key most people wouldn't even notice this creature and would never suspect it to be there for the unexpected "locked out" situation.

These yard statues are more like a small piece of art. They blend into the decoration of a yard and they add a little sophistication.

Plastic Crane Statue to scare birds

Some koi pond owners have a plastic statue of a whooping crane or some sort of stork planted near or in the pond just like the This is to scare away big birds from eating the fish in the pond. The theory of this is no other birds will come land there because birds that eat fish don't like company. They like to eat alone. From what I hear this really works.

staue water fountains
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