A driveway-in-lawn can support a truck.

If you need a driveway-in-lawn areas,there a several products available to help you do the job. Below are photos of the lawn pavers we used on one project. They start at the end of the driveway at the top of the slope and then carry through the planter and down the slope to the lawn area.

In the lawn area, the sod is planted in all of the gaps for a more subtle approach to a driveway. The end result is a dissappearing driveway that is fully functional.

Turfstone Driveway
turfstone driveway in lawn areas

This product is called Turf Stone and is produced by Lehi Block in Lehi, Utah. Each stone is 16" x 24" the cost is about four dollars each. For installation the areas of access are first irrigated and then leveled with a 4" subgrade. the turfstones are then placed and leveled. Next the topsoil is installed in all the little squares and finally the sod is installed in each square.

Another product available is the plastic cup system. This uses a series of plastic cups which are aranged in square patterns so they can be clipped together to fit any size area. The cups are layed out in the respective area and filled with soil. Then the sod is layed on top. After the roots envelop the plastic grid, an incredibly strong surface develops but it still looks like just plain lawn.

It is very important however to give the lawn at least a few weeks to root into the plastic cup grid for strength. Recently I had a customer who decided to drive his skid steer loader accross the new driveway-in-lawn which we had just installed. He was carrying his vault around to the back yard of his new home. Well, he burried the tractor in the new lawn and plastic cups. Ya, I didn't warranty that one . My warranty doesn't cover stupidity.

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