Ornamental yucca-trees

Place yucca-trees in your southwest landscape design like you would place a piece of yard art. These plants can stand alone in the landscape and still look great. The contrast of textures make this tree jump out and grab your attention.

Bet you didn't know that yucca-trees are really just mature yucca plants. These develop a trunk structure under the base of the needles after a few years and the plant gradually becomes a tree. They can be cleaned up by trimming of the dead needles, or just left alone for a more natural look.

All Yucca Trees Flower

In the springtime they will develop a shoot coming out of the top of the plant, which will have a group of flowers on the top. This is how yuccas' propagate. For most varieties of yucca the flowers are white in color. Those that flower white are likely to have only one flower stalk per trunk head.
A few varieties like the red yucca and yellow yucca have, you guessed it red or yellow flowers. These yucca will have multiple shoots and the plant remains more of a bush or clump. The large quantity of flowers of these gives the clump shaped yucca more of a colorful presence in the landscape.
I like to place yucca trees next to a large boulder to create a desert scene. Some flowers in front of the boulder will help liven things up in the spring and fall. During the heat of the summer the yucca tree continues to look singular and stunning. Around here that's a good thing, since most living things are really putting on the hurt in the heat of the summer.

Yucca restrata

Placing these trees in front of a window is no big deal since they take up nearly no room. The view from inside is nice too. It's a picture window view, so this yucca restrata adds to the picture! The Yucca Rostrata grows so slowly that you never really have to worry about the look changing. The slow growth rate makes the cost of these beauties high. My cost on one like that in the picture above is about $450. These could almost be considered yard art since they are so unique.




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