Proper rose-bush-care-maintenance for healthy roses

Rose-bush-care-maintenance for beautiful rose bushes and vines. Pruning, fertilizing and watering correctly will produce beautiful roses with a surplus of flowers.

* Pruning

These plants must be pruned regularly in order to continue blooming. During the dormant cycle the plants can be butched and cut back drastically. This can help do get good circulation to all the limbs of the plant because you have eliminated the old tough branches.

During the growth cycle, trim the rose limbs between the 3 leaf branch and the 5 leaf branch of each stem, after the rose has finished blooming or when you harvest the flower. If you live in a moderate climate, it may be necessary to de-foliate the leaves at the end of the season to help the rose plant to be completely dormant during the winter.

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* Water and Drainage

Roses need water, but much like a palm tree, they also need good drainage to thrive. Create an area or rose bed with a natural slope on the surface as well as sandy or coarse type of topsoil.

This type of soil also allows the fertilizer to get right to the roots quickly, because water passes through the soil rapidly. Having a well drained rose bed also makes it very hard for slugs and snails to survive to damage the roses.

* Bugs & Disease

The easiest way to have great roses without worrying about bugs is to apply a systemic rose food fertilizer. No aphid infestations if you do this. Keep little mounds of excess rose food with a systemic bug control scattered around the base of the rose bush and you will never see bugs.

If you want unbelievable roses, mix a half cup of epsom salt into the soil around each rose bush. This makes for roses that are 3 to 4 inches diameter. It sounds crazy I know, but you have to know what epsom salts are.

Magnesium Sulfate is the answer. Common signs of deficiency are yellowing or spotted older leaves on the plant. Think about it, if the older leaves are sick then they can't help sustain the plant by helping it breathe. When the plant isn't busy trying to merely survive, it can then produce beautiful roses. rose-bush-care-maintenance is much more rewarding when the plant are heathy.

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