lawn-care-maintenance tips to make your yard work enjoyable.

Important lawn-care-maintenance keeps your yard in top shape. A beautiful lush green lawn isn't hard to achieve. With proper watering, fertilizing and trimming, your lawn will be beautiful.

You will need some tools for this. The lawn mower you choose will depend on the size of you yard and also how much physical labor you wish to perform. A riding mower is not only fun but you can get much more mowing done in a short period of time. A self propelled push mower is more common lawn care help for average sized homes.

green lawn

different types of lawn mowers

For the best looking lawn-care-maintenance I always do the vertical edging around the perimeter first. That way when you pass by with the mower the mess you made will mostly be vacuumed up by the mower. Another tip on lawn care is about the first pass around the outside edge of the lawn areas. I use the lowest setting on one side of the mower wheels and on the other the regular setting. this way the edge is tapered and it is a very clean cut. After going all the way around the borders I raise up the lower wheels and mow the rest of the grass at the normal height.

To finish off the process now you just need a blower to clean up the remaining debris that the mower didn't vacuum up. A blower also makes it easy to remove unwanted fertilizer from the walkway and driveway.

blower for landscape maintenance

You will also need some sort of a trimmer for the grass. This one has detatchable tips. A straight up blade lawn edger, a weed whip edger. and even a chainsaw tip for trimming trees and big limbs on bushes. The chainsaw tip is mainly used for the palm fronds at my house.

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