The use of landscaping-fabric in the landscape design

The use of landscaping-fabric in the landscaping is a good idea for 3 reasons. First, it will prevent any exsisting weed seeds from invading your new landscape area. Second, the weed fabric will seperate landscape gravel or bark mulch from the soil, keeping it clean and attractive. The third reason to use landscape fabric is to prevent the drip lines from floating through the gravel or bark mulch. For me the third is the most important, since weed seeds can still blow in with the wind. So there you have it, my profesional opinion on weed fabric. I do use it on every new install I do. I use a 3 oz. dewitt or fabriscape product.

We also use fabric when we install diamond retention walls . The manufacturer suggests placing pea rock behind the wall for drainage, which prevents the wall from tipping forward from hydrolic preasure. That means that water will come out the face of the retention wall. with the water comes silt and mud. The landscape fabric filters the crap out and keeps your project clean. Additionaly the fabric spreads out the back preasure exerted on the retention wall.

I should make it clear that landscape fabric can only prevent weeds from growing on the soil it covers. anything that blows in can still sprout and grow on the top of the fabric. There is however an easy way to prevent that.

Pre-Emergent which is applied before a seed trys to grow can prevent the seeds from sprouting. I suggest using this product on a regular basis to keep the rock mulch or bark mulch from getting contaminated with pesky weeds.

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