Use spruce-trees for vibrant spring color

Use spruce-trees to create contrast with the springtime color and texture. The blue or green of a colorado spruce, in the spring time, when the new growth is tender and vibrant, is unmatched. Also the fluffy, healthy look of a spruce, adds fullness and a healthy look too your landscape. Spruce trees grow about a foot a year in ideal conditions, and the size of the tree can differ by the variety that you select.

I like to use the Hoopsie Spruce tree. This variety of spruce gets about 12 - 15' tall and is about 6 - 8' in my area. I'm sure these trees might get bigger in say Oregon or Washington, but we just don't have the humidity here in the desert southwest.

The colorado spruce is the most common around here. It can grow up to 30 feet tall and nearly as wide. It's great for a wind break especially if there are several in a group. Of course you'll need lots of room.

colorado green spruce

These trees usually develop a bare spot under them because of the dropping needles which smothers other things and also creates excess acidity in the soil directly under the tree. So, plan ahead and place plants a good distance away from the tree, and maybe place landscape gravel under the canopy so you don't have to look at bare dirt.

Spruce trees can double as a christmas tree during the season. Yes, simply decorate the tree with lights and turn it on. None of this buying a tree every year. And just think, you won't need to purchase a tree ever again. It will be there next year too.


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